11 Amazing Pregnancy Travel Tips To Stay Safe
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11 Amazing Pregnancy Travel Tips To Stay Safe

Pregnancy can be a tiring time and travelling during pregnancy may be overwhelming due to safety concerns. In this article we will discuss some pregnancy travel safety tips to follow during pregnancy.

Most people often say that it is safe to stay home during pregnancy. But time is unpredictable. If you are permanently shifting to another city then you have to travel.

Mostly women are worried about the safety of baby during travel. The important thing is to consult with your doctor and take extra precautions as needed.

Travelling seems safe if you have low risks pregnancy because complications during pregnancy need special attention. Mostly doctors says to avoid travelling in first trimester as chances of miscarriages are high in this time. It can be safe to travel in second trimester but with precautions. Air and boat travel is avoided during third trimester.

The most important thing is to keep in mind that t keep your baby secure and to avoid complications through the journey of pregnancy.

Some Pregnancy Travel Tips are:

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1. Stay Hydrated

Remember to stay hydrated throughout the travel. American pregnancy Women Association recommends that women have to drink 12 glass of water to keep their breast milk production on track and other benefits. Avoid to drink caffeine products.

2. Keep stretching Your Muscles

It is very important to have proper blood circulation during pregnancy. So stretch your muscles through exercises. Take short break, stretch your legs to prevent blood clots. As pregnant women are more susceptible to clotting as sitting for longer time make it worse.

3. Always Pack your Parental Records

Always bring your parental records while travelling. Determine the location of the nearest hospital or medical facility while on the trip . Carry the copy of medical insurance if you have health insurance.

4. Take Care of Your Diet

Always drink mineral water and ensure that food is cooked at home properly. Avoid to eat food at restaurants, hotel etc. Eat fruits and vegetables which are rich in protein, vitamins. Choose water rich fruits such as cucumber, watermelon if you are travelling in hot summer.

Pack healthy foods and snacks with yourself as pregnant women feel more hungry and thirsty. Always prefer aisle seat on travel as pregnant women need to use the restroom as often.

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5. Bring a Travel Kit

Bring a travel kit containing all essential material such as medicines, vitamins, hot bag, medical documents, sanitizer, doctor’s contact details and other things that are required to you.

6. Wear Comfy Clothes

Always wear a pair of compression thighs or socks to have proper blood circulation. Try to wear lose fitting shoes to avoid feet swelling.

7. Stay Comfortable

Stay comfortable in travel. If you are feeling any kind of discomfort, take rest as your baby needs also rest. Take a power nap in between if you are on long travel.

8. Consult With Doctor Before Travel

Make sure to consult with your doctor and share your travel plans as where are you travelling and what method (car, bus, train, or air) you are choosing for travelling. As doctor will provide you important cautions to take as he know your medical history.

9. Stay Hygiene

Ensure proper hygiene while using toilets and bathrooms. If you are travelling with your spouse or friend, said them to wait outside for safety.

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10. Take Short Frequent Breaks

Taking short breaks frequently and putting her feet up will help as she will feel tiredness early. As she is working hard to grow up the baby in womb and carrying extra weight, it is highly recommended to take rest when she feels tired and starts travelling until she gets comfortable.

11. Get Travel Insurance

Make sure to insure yourself before travel. Take travel insurance which covers pregnancy and medical bills if you go into labor.