Pursuing Passion: a Coffee & Tea Quest in Singapore

Pursuing Passion: a Coffee & Tea Quest in Singapore

I say this because it was not my own passion that caused me to embark on this quest. I’m not a foodie. I know absolutely nothing about coffee, and started off as a tea lover looking for a place where I could people-watch and work. But somehow my fateful decision to visit an unconventional tea room, the influence of a coffee-loving friend, and writer’s block has culminated in this: exploring and telling the stories behind some outstanding specialty cafes in Singapore.

Here’s what makes this list special: I didn’t choose which places to visit. I didn’t check any food blogs, review sites, or even poll my friends. It was all based on insider recommendations – the owners/experts at each place sent me on.

And so, here are my impressions of these wonderful tea and coffee houses.

  1. Teyvika
  2. Smitten Coffee & Tea Bar
  3. Toby’s Estate
  4. Nylon Coffee Roasters

Not only am I discovering some beautiful and characteristic places, I’ve learned a great deal about tea and coffee – and even got to poke my nose into this close-knit community of artisans and entrepreneurs. Every single person I’ve spoken to has been incredibly accommodating, talking to me in between serving customers and wiping tables and (of course) making fantastic drinks. For me, that’s worth more than a good cuppa.

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It’s might not be easy competing for patrons in a city crowded with so many restaurants and cafés, but passion sure helps.