The Story of Nylon Coffee Roasters

The Story of Nylon Coffee Roasters

Photos and stories about a place can never quite prepare you for the actual experience of visiting it, whether it’s bright-lights-big-city or an inconspicuous little shop filled with the warmth of its owners. With multiple mentions by other cafes, Nylon Coffee Roasters – serving brews in simple black and white – is the place to discover top quality coffee.

Tucked away in a corner of the gracefully aged Everton Park housing estate, the lacquered turquoise shutters of Nylon give way to vintage furniture, warm lights, a worn-down jade terrazzo floor…and the aroma of coffee. Thank goodness the owners, Dennis and Jia Min, were busy attending to another customer so I could slowly take in my surroundings.

I got a cup of white (coffee with milk), and set it down to take some photos and notes. It wasn’t long, though, before Dennis cheerfully piped up: “Hey, drink your coffee before it gets cold!” Oops.

I don’t know much about coffee, but with my first sip I was won over. I don’t know if it was the beans or the way the coffee was prepared, but it had a lightness and a touch of acidity that was refreshing – unlike any other brew I’d ever had before.

How Nylon Came to Be

While savoring my coffee, I asked my questions and the friendly couple shared their story. Deciding they’d had enough of the corporate world, Dennis and Jia Min quit the rat race and started learning to make serious coffee – working in cafes and joining in as partners of Papa Palheta (a highly successful specialty coffee company in Daftar Judi Online). They even traveled all the way to Central America to source their coffee beans directly from socially responsible farms, which goes to show how much they love what they do.

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And the name Nylon? It’s the combination of the couple’s favorite cities: NY and LON.

Sitting quietly in my corner, I listened to the lively conversations Dennis and Jia Min had with their patrons while making cup after cup of their ambrosial brew. This is what makes Nylon unique: they seem to know everyone and try to make each customer feel at home, and this personal connection would clearly be lost in a larger and more ambitious setup.

I wanted to stay for longer, but it was getting crowded and I didn’t want to take up space that would let more people in. I’m definitely going back soon to develop my taste buds and learn more about coffee!